Friday, April 23, 2010

Name our Coffee House/ Restaurant

Putting our naming contest on hold for the moment so we can set up the contest through Facebook combined with this Blog - will need help with this one! Big prize for the winning Namer - weekend at Lyons Twin Mansions or how about A Month of Breakfasts PLUS your picture at the Twin Mansion proclaiming you the guru! There will be a panel of judges to study the suggested names . . what a fascinating task. Fun that you will be so creative to come up with a name that expresses our function and attitude. So start brainstorming, playing with the Thesaurus, turning phrases, toying with turns of phrases and get ready to enter the contest. Should be next week by the time I can get this pulled together to combine FB & Blog! Lets keep in touch! Miss Pat

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LTM expanding to add Coffee House serving bfst, brunch, lunch

We are looking for an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a huge personality and plenty of BOH restaurant experience to help us expand to a Coffee House serving breakfast, brunch, lunch: 365, 6 am - 2 pm. Maybe we don't need a "chef" bur an experienced 1st cook ready to branch out on their own, is enthusiastic about seasonal, organics, local products, heart healthy while resting on mid-west classics and comfort foods.

Our goal is to lease our Twin Mansion to a motivated individual willing to invest time & expertise to develop an innovative menu, manage staff & inventory to create & maintain a successful business. Available immediately, seats aprox. 60 plus Al Fresco. Off street parking, liquor license. Incubator environment fosters success. Guaranteed income from opening day.

Some thoughts: Free Wi-Fi, great coffee, major newspapers. Belgian Waffle station surrounded by fresh fruits & crispy nuts made before your eyes - golden craters ready to fill @ fruit or syrup. On-he-spot omelets filled with fresh veggies & cheeses. Grilled portabella filled with soft scrambled eggs topped with cheese sauce & broiled, crispy O"Brien hash browns on the side.

Friday, March 26, 2010

We're the All Natural Cure for a rocky relationship

Over-worked? Stressed out? Sick of the bickering? Kids driving you crazy? RX: Spend the weekend at Lyons Twin Mansions! Guaranteed to contribute to your overall well being. So pick up the phone and call 1-800-78-GUEST to arrange for the perfect room in the perfect place. We are just what the doctor ordered. Take two nights, and call me in the morning. Cheaper than a marriage counselor and lots more fun.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things a little rocky at home? Invest your tax return here!

Sometimes work, stress and even our families create anguish and conflict between couples. Often the only way out of that downward spiral is to get out of town. Leave the kids with grandma, take the dog to the kennel, lock the door and head to Fort Scott. Cheaper than a marriage counselor and a lot more fun!

Lyons Twin Mansions B&B is a haven for sweethearts and lovers. This is just the place to relax and get in sync with one another. Uninterupted time together to mend, touch, reassure and pledge your love once again. We offer all the ingredients for mending a rocky relationship: Couples' Massage, a picnic delivered to your room, a fire in the fireplace, 6'x4' whirlpool tubs, king beds. Breakfast in bed is the icing on the cake . . consider late checkout. Call 1-800-78-GUEST and your life is much better already!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Web 2.0 moved into our 1870's home

And we are telling everyone we know! From our website to Facebook look for Lyons Twin Mansions and Pat Lyons and Nate Lyons and all of our Fort Scott businesses. A great afternoon with Andy Stanton from Fort Hays University took our group along the route to communicate a new way. Courtland Hotel, Buffalo Grill, J&W Sports, After Effects Beauty Salon, Seth Tucker Construction, Sunshine Boutique, life+style, Courtland Aveda Day Spa and many others posted to facebook, became friends and dared to Twitter! The sky is the limit now! Be our friend too. Be a fan of Lyons Twin Mansions today!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Voices from the Quilts: a Festival all of March, 2010

The full month of March is filled with the thrill of Quilts here in historic Fort Scott. From vintage to contemporary nothing speaks of family and history like our quilts -- sharing the stories of our families from one generation to the next. Family quilts, art quilts, quilts as clothing displayed in downtown shops and Victorian Homes on National Avenue. Civil War quilts will be on display at the Fort on weekends and by special request any time for guilds and groups, 620.223.0310

Drive around Fort Scott each day of March to experience the age old tradition "The Airing of the Quilts" Like colorful flags draped over the Bannister, on the clothes lines, draped over balconies & fences! Quilts are everywhere capturing a breath of fresh air and sunshine beckoning the coming Spring.

Grand Finale is March 26, 27, & 28 with quilt expert and guest speaker Terry Thompson, hands-on quilting demos and an indoor Shop Hop. Stay with us and meet Ms. Thompson at breakfast! Call today to reserve this special opportunity.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter perspective from our Canadian friend Sharon

"Sitting up here and watching how Americans deal with cold and snow is a hoot. I open CNN and watch oranges freezing, turtles freezing, iguanas dropping out of trees, and buses sitting immobile, with icicles hanging from them, while journalists issue dire warnings to the public. Then I switch to a Quebec channel. The reporter has a frilly white tuque on her head, a matching scarf around her throat, visible air flows from her mouth as she gaily informs us how cold and white and wonderful the weather is, while a skidoo races across a field, behind her. Same weather, different attitude. Some of you guys are such wimps! (though maybe not in the Midwest.)
Me, I sit here working while snow falls gently outside my window. Branches from a friend's Christmas tree sit in a glass, next to my cup of pens. I have a miniature fountain running on my desk. Ever since I left your place I've pined for a fountain, and just before Christmas, I got one. I also mix vanilla and nutmeg into my yogurt. I've been doing it since I came home, last April.
Enjoy the snow. I do.

Sharon "